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31 for 21 #4: Glasses and exhaustion

Sorry that I missed yesterday, I haven’t been feeling well the last couple of days and after the day we had I was just too tired!

Sarah had her ophthalmologist appointment yesterday. It took forever! We were in the office about 6 hours total, from 9:30 am til 3 pm. After all that time, she was diagnosed with astigmatism (which she was probably born with) and mild amblyopia and was prescribed glasses and an eye patch to fix the amblyopia.

They didn’t have much selection for infants, so on the doctor’s suggestion we ordered her a pair from specs4us.

So far she hates the patch SO much. She is supposed to wear it for 4 hours per day, but she just cries and cries as soon as we put it on. It breaks my heart! She is not doing much better with it today. I ordered some from Ortopad USA so hopefully she starts to chill when those come in, but it’s been a long 24 hours.

I guess we’re very lucky that Sarah doesn’t have any other health problems, but this is still hard!


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