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Are these the droids you were looking for?

Yes, Dec and I broke up. Maybe not entirely. When he told me he wanted to leave I gave him a “grace period” of six weeks. He can take those six weeks to work on himself or give this other guy a second chance and if he decides in those 6 weeks that he was missing out on us, then he can come back with no questions asked, with the caveat that therapy happens. I doubt he’ll be back in six weeks, but I can’t say that for certain. No, I don’t plan to withhold Sarah from him. He has legal guardianship and I need to talk to an atty. about what that means for custody but Sarah is his child and he is her father and I, unlike some people in this equation, am not a flighty asshole.


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4 thoughts on “Are these the droids you were looking for?

  1. almostsanity on said:

    So sorry to hear that.

  2. Oh, wow, after all you’ve been through, I’m so sorry.

  3. WW0911 on said:


    This makes me sad. I hope it’s just momentary stupidity on his part.

  4. Didn’t plan on reading about that… I came here to see how Sarah was doing. Hoping Dec comes back and y’all can patch things up.

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