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what one little chromosome taught me about love, life, and defying gravity.

Sarah loves the hospital

So much that she decided we needed to come back for a little while!

She was running a low grade fever when she  woke from her nap yesterday afternoon and oncology urged us to bring her in so she could be admitted since it’s probably the start of an infection and her body can’t protect itself. She has been at her diva best–when the nurse tried to put the iv in her arm yesterday night, I was distracting her by doing fingerplay with her–itsy bitsy spider and this little piggy and so on. When she realized what the nurse was doing, she wrenched her hand away from mine, whipped her head around, and screeched  at the nurse as if she was telling her to stop this injustice at once!! Fortunately, the nurse thought it was funny.

We are hoping for a short stay and that she’ll have some more home time before she begins her second round of chemo. She barfed everywhere this morning but so far she hasn’t been showing any signs of being really sick other than the persistent fever, so we’ll see.


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3 thoughts on “Sarah loves the hospital

  1. Shannon on said:

    Thanks for the update! Thinking of your beautiful baby! Shannon

  2. toddlerwithscissors on said:

    That vomit was payback for trying to trick her while the nurse poked her 🙂
    I’ve been a lurker from BBC on the blog but had to tell Sarah that she’s superbaby and you and Dec are superdads. ❤

  3. Sarah had to puke everywhere to communicate her displeasure about the needle thing. Poor little diva! Give her a hug from Ellie and I… You and Dec are doing great, and I’m hoping this hospital stay is a short one so you can get your princess home where she belongs before round 2.

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