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Waiting for the big moments

That’s what I feel like I do, in blogging. I keep thinking “oh, I’ll make a post” and then changing my mind. 

Life is full of big moments, though, even when they seem pretty small. I’ve been enjoying being a parent lately, and trying not to obsess as much…it’s like a New Years resolution 2 months late. I feel like I need to let Sarah be Sarah, and not push her so hard, because my motivations weren’t exactly pure or good. it wasn’t about making Sarah be the best she could be–I started pushing for Sarah to “catch up” to her neurotypical peers, and we both started suffering for it. So I’m taking a step back. Sarah will do the things that Sarah wants to do in Sarah’s own time, with the assistance of our fabulous team. No need to push her…she’ll get there.

We’ve basically decided we’re going back to CA, by the way. Maybe even earlier than we had initially anticipated. We really do love it here, but my sister’s death made it really hard for us to fathom being so far away from our families. It made us realize how much we valued having his parents down the street and my parents only a two hour drive. We were supposed to stay here for two years, but we’re thinking of heading back in late August, after the summer program ends at DF’s work. I guess we’ll just have to see.


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One thought on “Waiting for the big moments

  1. Hugs to you all. Sarah will lead you in her own time, and be awesome. Because that’s just who Sarah is. She’s a lucky little girl with two dads to love her and care for her, so she’ll hit the important stuff at some point. I have a friend who keeps reminding me it doesn’t matter when our kids walk and talk, because they WILL…. when they are ready.

    Enjoy that sweet girl!

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