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what one little chromosome taught me about love, life, and defying gravity.

Sarah is nine months old!

(I’m taking a little break from the Internet, but I wanted to update for Sarah’s nine-month birthday, since it’s kind of a big one.)

Happy nine months, Sarah! I can’t believe that nine months have gone by so fast, and that today, you are officially “out as long as you were in”.

You have changed our lives in your short nine months on this planet. Mine, your Daddy’s, your grandma and grandpa’s, your lola and granddad, and all of the other people who have had the pleasure to meet your sweet little roly-poly face.

At nine months old, you are still sweet and happy, but your ever-widening diva streak is, well, ever-widening. You have the look down pat, and sometimes I feel like I’m looking at a little tiny teenager.

You eat lots of different types of food! Whatever we eat, you eat a chopped-up-tiny version. You’re still working on teeth, but you have two sharp little fangs, one on each side of the top of your mouth. We like to joke that you’re part vampire. They are VERY sharp!

You still vastly prefer your bottle, though. We’re working on it.

Our tiny dainty miss weighs 13 pounds and is 22 inches tall. You wear size 3-6 months and size 0-3 months clothes, and everyone is always surprised when we tell them you’ll be one year old in April!

You still tolerate having shit put on your head, which is good, because I really like headbands.

You still rock your glasses. We opted to keep your Miraflex glasses for a little while longer because the Specs4Us still look frighteningly fragile.

You roll. You laugh. You babble. You sit unassisted for periods of up to 30 seconds. You are curious about your surroundings.

You are beautiful and we love you so much. Happy 9 months, baby girl. You’re the best thing that’s ever been mine.


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2 thoughts on “Sarah is nine months old!

  1. Jennifer Horner on said:

    So glad to see you blogging again, even though you are taking a break from the internet. I’m glad to see that Sarah is doing so well! I wish you guys lived in SF still so that you could join our Ds babies group, but maybe you will move back some day. Take care, Jennifer

  2. Melissa on said:

    I had the same reflection about a month ago when Tera was 9 months. It’s an interesting phenomenon to realize that they’re been “out” longer than “in”. And yet it feels like the “in” was sooo much longer than the “out”!!! So glad she’s doing so well, it sounds like you are all adjusting well to your new surroundings. Good luck 🙂

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