Sarah Defies Gravity

what one little chromosome taught me about love, life, and defying gravity.

Sarah Is My Padawan/Sarah Defies Gravity

I’ve been thinking about making a post like this since I started my blog. Better late than never, right?

Those of you who know me from Babycenter (read: all of you) know that my Babycenter screenname is sarahismypadawan(04, but that’s beside the point). And of course this is Sarah Defies Gravity.

Why sarahismypadawan? Why Sarah Defies Gravity?

“Padawan” is a Star Wars term. It refers to someone–usually young–who is learning the ways of the Jedi under a Jedi Master (someone who has already completed Jedi training and is knowledgeable on the subject). I think that any parent could consider their baby their padawan, but to me, it signified that although Sarah will need a little–or maybe a lot–more guidance than the “average” kid, but with that guidance, her life will be extraordinary. She will, someday, be a Jedi master. Or a life master. Whichever.

I thought about naming this blog “Sarah Is My Padawan”, but I was inspired (by myself, because I am just that amazing) to use “Sarah Defies Gravity” instead. It is not exactly a secret that I am kind of a freak about showtunes, and if I wasn’t the world’s worst singer, I would probably have run off to Broadway by now. But I’m completely awful at anything musical, so I’ll just write instead.

And of course, “Sarah Defies Gravity” is from the song “Defying Gravity”, from Wicked, which I was inspired to use for her blog name because I’d used “For Good” as the epigraph to her birth story. What does Defying Gravity mean to me? It means never living within the arbitrary limits set for you. It means always expecting something bigger than people say you can have. It’s about making a concerted effort to be the best person you can be, no matter what.

It would have been easy to give up on Sarah. “She can’t learn, so why bother?” It would have been easy to buy into the idea that she would never be anything more than her chromosomes. It would have been easy to let myself believe that she would always be illiterate, that she would never read or write or play an instrument or dance ballet.

But I didn’t. Because I believed that she could defy gravity. Defy people’s expectations. Defy that chromosome, that tiny piece of genetic material that changed everything. And I still do. I believe that Sarah will someday learn to read. I believe that Sarah will someday learn to write. I believe that Sarah will someday dance ballet if she wants to. That she will play an instrument if she wants to. That she will get married, go to college, do whatever she wants.

I also believe that she defies gravity every single day of her life, in everything that she does. Because every day, she is learning and growing. Every day, she’s defying the expectations people have of her–have of Down Syndrome–and that makes her remarkable.


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2 thoughts on “Sarah Is My Padawan/Sarah Defies Gravity

  1. When I was pregnant with Ellie, that song made me cry EVERY single time I heard it. (And I love Glee, and had the Glee soundtrack with that song on it in my car for about 3 months.)

  2. just a fabulous post – love it!

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