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We’re here!

We arrived in New York on Friday. The flight was uneventful, we found out that we would be in our apartment on Monday, I cancelled Sarah’s EI appointment and rescheduled it for next week, but Sarah had a hard time sleeping that night (the time change, her ears probably hurt, the hotel room…you know, stuff.) and I ended up staying up with her literally all night, until Dec finally woke up, took pity on me, and let me sleep. Saturday we took it easy, figured out what kind of transit we needed to get to basic places (grocery store, Sarah’s therapy, Dec’s work, Sarah’s pediatrician) from the apartment, and then went out for dinner. I spent all of late Saturday night/early Sunday morning/mid Sunday morning throwing up. I suspect food poisoning–Dec ate something different than I did at the restaurant and he hasn’t shown any symptoms yet. I was functional enough on Monday to parent Sarah and sort of help with the moving proceedings, but we basically set up the couch, the bed, and that was it. Everything else we own is still in boxes. I’m just glad we decided to hire a company, because there’s no way I would have been able to participate in the actual moving.

We won’t have Internet or cable until next week, but we’re using our phones for internet synced to our computers. Dec starts work on Thursday, and hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have more of the apartment unpacked and we’ll be getting used to life here. Right now it doesn’t really feel like we live here, so hopefully that feeling will start to go away as life gets back to normal!


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One thought on “We’re here!

  1. Love your blog! Dig the way you write. Are you going to update this year?

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