Sarah Defies Gravity

what one little chromosome taught me about love, life, and defying gravity.

Away we go!

We got the apartment we made the offer on! We were actually really nervous about it because it’s in a good area in Brooklyn, it was exactly what we were looking for, and it’s close to Sarah’s new pediatrician. We move in on November 25th, so it seems strange and a little scary to be in our very last month (last few weeks even!) at this house.

I’m so relieved we found a good pediatrician for Sarah, and we have referrals to therapists starting when we get there. I think New York is going to be a good place for Sarah, medically, and I hope we find a home there too.

I’ll admit it, I’m a little nervous. I’ve never lived anywhere that wasn’t in the state of California. Until I was 19, I lived in the same house! And until this week, I’d never even visited anywhere out of the state of California. Which makes this all kind of overwhelming, but really exciting at the same time. I’m not sure how I’m going to feel without the League of Extraordinary Grandmas (ie my mom, Dec’s mom) standing by, but I look forward to the new adventure, the new chapter in my life, and the opportunities that I’ll have and that Sarah will have.

Not much to report on the Sarah front. She’s a baby, she’s doing baby things…geez, why didn’t anyone tell me that Down Syndrome would be so…normal? She did FANTASTIC on the plane, and…oh, I guess I can tell this story, because it was a little cute.

On the way to New York, there was a small issue where they split up the seats, so it was Dec & the baby on one side and my sister & I on the other side. The lady that Dec was sitting next to was thoroughly charmed by Sarah, and kept commenting on how she was SO cute and SO well behaved and how did we get SO lucky? To which Dec cheerfully replied “Well, we think her designer genes help.”

Silence. Glance down at Sarah (who was not in fact wearing designer jeans). Silence. Finally I felt the need to step in and clarify that he meant that our daughter has Down Syndrome, and that sometimes the Down Syndrome community refers to it as “designer genes”, and that we were lucky to have a baby with Down Syndrome.

Poor, occasionally clueless man.


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One thought on “Away we go!

  1. LMAO @ the clueless stare. I’d never heard the term in regards to D.S but as soon as I read that I knew. Too funny. Glad the trip went well and you go the place you wanted AND a great pediatrician!

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