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31 for 21 #8: Sleep Training

For the first three months of Sarah’s life, she was a fantastic sleeper. We were waking her up every 3 hours so that she could it. It was amazing.

After 3 months, it started to go down hill. She was waking up regularly for feedings and having a hard time going back to sleep. 3 and 4 months were the worst. When she turned 5 months, it seemed like we had established, on her terms, a schedule.

But as it turns out, the baby cannot always rule the household, even when we’d like them to, and that wasn’t really working out for us, so we have attempted to sleep train her. Her new schedule goes as follows:

8:00 am: wake up

10:00-11:30: nap #1

1:30-3:00: nap #2

6:30: beginning of bedtime routine, bath, massage, stories, songs.

7:30: bedtime

She feeds twice during the night now, once at midnight and once at 3:30-4 am. She seems a lot happier and well-rested, but we have a problem. We bedshare, and when anybody goes to bed (my fiance at 10 pm and myself at midnight) she awakens. Which is fine at midnight, but right now she lays awake until then. Any suggestions?

(I guess that if sleep is the biggest challenge we have right now–which it is–we’re doing pretty good!)


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One thought on “31 for 21 #8: Sleep Training

  1. I wish I had some worthwhile suggestions. It sounds like you’re doing amazingly well if you’ve actually succeeded in getting her on a schedule. Sometimes babies just go through phases of staying awake or waking easily. Hopefully it’ll pass since you’re so consistent. We sleep share too, and have lots of sleep problems with quite a few wakings at night (which also developed as she got older). We’re trying to wean off the eating at night, but sometimes it’s the only way to get her to sleep again, so we cave in.

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