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31 for 21 #7: Can I cheat on this? (and Sarah’s EI today!)

I still suck at this. It’s going to be more like 15 for 21 at this rate. I think I’m going to try to go for 21 for 21 and call it even.

So, at Sarah’s EI appointment today I got referrals to doctors in NY, so I’ll be making some phone calls in the next couple of days. I’m also trying a new naturopathic/neurodevelopmental approach thanks to this wonderful group on BBC (can we talk about how much BBC has helped me in the last 4 months or so? Because it has. I love BBC), with Dec’s blessing, so that should be interesting. I guess what I’ll have to do is try to figure out a schedule of therapy and natural/neurodevelopmental approach that suits us best.

Sarah’s EI went swimmingly for other reasons (does anybody even say ‘went swimmingly’ anymore? whatever, it’s hip to be anachronistic)–they told me she is doing GREAT. We only see the EI once per month, but she is right on track to where she should be and even ahead in some respects. That makes me feel good as a parent; I’ve tried so hard to be the best parent I possibly can be for Sarah and it’s showing!

One of the most exciting things about NY is that I am hoping that Dec will be able to be at more of her appointments. He is hoping that in his new position he will have more flexibility to take the time out of his workday to attend at least some of them. It would be great to show him what’s going on with her in that respect!

I have yet to break the news to her mama. She knew we were considering it, but we haven’t told her officially yet. I know there won’t be any problems there–she has limited contact with her and it’s perfectly legal for us to take Sarah out of the state, but it’s still going to be hard to tell her that the option for her to just come over should it finally seem appropriate is going to be eliminated. I guess that is something that will have to wait and see.


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One thought on “31 for 21 #7: Can I cheat on this? (and Sarah’s EI today!)

  1. I’ve just touched in on that group too and am excited to start using more of the ideas. We’ve already been using a naturopathic approach, but it’ll be nice to incorporate some more. Good to you and to Sarah!

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