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31 for 21 #5: Blogging FAIL.

I try really hard to blog every day. Really hard. But it can be tricky!

We are very busy around these parts these days! I’m not ready to blog about most of it until I’m absolutely certain what’s going on, but it’s very, very exciting!

What I do want to blog about is a feeling I’m almost ashamed to admit I have. And that is this feeling of depression and hopelessness I sometimes have, where I feel like I’m giving up hope on Sarah ever having a normal life. I hate that everything in her life is always going to be about Down Syndrome. I want people to see her as SARAH, not Sarah who has Down Syndrome. When she’s happy, why can’t she just be happy? Why does it have to be “oh, people with DS are so happy?”

I want people to see Sarah as an individual first. We do not define other people by their hair color, their eye color, the way they look, their preference on how they like their eggs cooked, or any of the other nuances of their personality, so why does it always have to be about Down Syndrome? She has Down Syndrome (and brown hair, and blue eyes, and little toes, and a pretty smile), but Down Syndrome isn’t her. It is only one part of her (wonderful, wonderful) identity, the things that make her her.


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2 thoughts on “31 for 21 #5: Blogging FAIL.

  1. Melissa on said:

    I’ve blogged about this very thing a few times this month. I completely understand!

  2. ITA. I am in no way trying to equate the two, so please don’t take this the wrong way, but my son has become ‘Megan’s son, the one with ADHD’. Like I have other kids (that I apparently do not know about).
    Regardless of what others see as ‘wrong’ with a child, we see it as perfect, and it shouldn’t be what is used to define that child.

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